About Us

Owned and operated by Law Enforcement, we strive in serving our customers through the quality of our work and the expediency and professionalism of our service. We offer top knotch CeraKote Application, Firearm Transfers and precoated products.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 




$49.99 FFL Transfer Fees

Handgun or Long Gun!

Whether you need a GunBroker Transfer or a local transfer, we got you covered!


Email us if you need a transfer done.


Whether you need to refinish one of your favorites, your EDC, or just want something tacticool or custom.... we have you covered (getit!) with CeraKote! 

L.E. & MIL Discount

 Active Duty or Retired Law Enforcement & Miltary

 10-20% Discount for CeraKote Service and Other Applicable Products & Services.


Email us if you have any questions! Must provide proof of service. 

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